Laser Focused Technologies Corporation now Owns LSP Technologies

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The Trusted Leader in Laser Peening

Our advanced laser peening systems increase metal fatigue life by up to 10x to make your world a safer place.

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LSP21 – Virtual Event

Welcome to the first annual conference on Laser Shock Peening (LSP21), which has been established with the primary goal of proliferating Laser Shock Peening technology around the globe.

Laser Focused Technologies Corporation: We Deliver Solutions That Are Tailored To Work For Your Operations

Laser Focused Technologies Corporation: For any industry or any application, we have the solution.

  • Laser Peening Services - Procudo HMI and Roberto

    High-volume throughput at our AS9100 certified facilities, delivering laser peening as a service.

  • laser bond inspection

    Non-Destructive Testing equipment determines the adhesive integrity of composite bonds.

  • procudo® lsp system

    Integrating the world's only commercially available laser peening equipment into your operations

  • engineering solutions

    Developing custom laser solutions through modeling, testing, and commercial application development.

  • laser peen forming

    Create parts with complex curvatures or use laser peening to reshape and straighten parts.

  • Laser Peening Equipment - Portable

    Providing our customers with global on-site training, support, consulting, and maintenance for laser peening services and equipment.

Laser Focused Technologies Corporation: Solving industry's biggest component challenges with innovative technology

Major manufacturers around the world trust LSP Technologies' laser peening equipment and services to safeguard metal parts in their most mission-critical applications.

Don’t see your industry? That doesn’t mean we can’t help.
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Benefits of Laser Peening

Laser peening or laser shock peening counteracts metal fatigue to prevent corrosion and cracking of mission-critical parts

Laser peening is proven to increase the lifespan of metal parts by five to 10 times the life of untreated parts – even components treated with shot peening, ulrasonic peening, and other conventional processes.

See What Laser Peening Can Do

landing gear
turbine engine
a large metal crankshaft
An example of metal failure, metal cracking.

Precision Laser Peening Solutions Address

Laser Focused Technologies Corporation: The World's Authority on Laser Peening

The powerful technology that began extending the life of jet engine fan blades 20 years ago is now available to a wide range of manufacturers to extend metal component life in all major industrial applications.

Join the long list of OEMs in aerospace, defense, power generation, heavy equipment, and others who experience the proven benefits of laser peening today.

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    patents in
    laser peening

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    patents in
    laser bond inspection

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    Laser Peening Systems
    on 3 continents

Laser Focused Technologies Corporation: The premier provider of laser peening equipment and services.

We lead the world with unmatched technical leadership and innovative solutions.

  • Laser Focused Technologies Corporation now Owns LSP Technologies that was : Founded in 1995
  • Locations in North America, Europe and China
  • 60 U.S.-based employees
  • 40 experts in laser optics, robotics, and automation controls
  • AS9100 & ISO 9001 Quality Assurance
  • Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies
  • Important Note: Please note that this website is currently being updated. Most information in this website was for LSP Technologies that no longer exists. We are the new owner and making all kinds of changes for better. Please use the content of this website for information purposes only about what we purchased. We do not make any claim or make any promises here. If you have any question, please contact us directly at until we fully update the website and make the final announcement.